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Cotton Suiting Fabrics

Cotton Fabrics

Ranjan fabric is a Manufacturer and Exporter of the best quality Cotton Suiting Fabric in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India. We offer a wide range of Cotton Suiting fabrics which are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The assortment of cotton suiting fabric caters to the quality requirements of our customers. Only natural cotton which is the purest cotton is used to make our products. Our collections are made from quality cotton which is designed by our team to look appealing to customers, regardless of their personal preferences, this leads to a high demand of them on the market.

Designs Available of Cotton Suiting Fabrics
  • Twill and Drill
  • Math weave
Cotton Suiting Fabric Suitable for
  • Men’s wear
  • Ladies wear
Why Our Cotton Suiting Fabric?
  • Made from 100% pure cotton
  • Exclusive collection
  • Exquisite designs and patterns
  • Smooth and soft fabric
  • Premium finish
  • Color leak resistance
  • Comfortable feel
Range Offered of Cotton Suiting Fabrics
  • Plain weave cotton suiting fabric
  • Drill weave cotton suiting fabric
  • Twill weave cotton suiting fabric
  • Satin weave cotton suiting fabric

Cotton Polyester Blended Suiting Fabrics

Ranjan Fabric is a manufacturer and exporter of exemplary quality Cotton Polyester Blended suiting fabrics which is the most recognized brand in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India.

We cater to the market requests of a perfect blend of polyester and cotton to give a fabric containing the advantages of both the fabrics. Our polyester cotton blended fabrics have found widespread application throughout the clothing industry. The smooth texture of our fabrics offers immense comfort while still providing a stylish appearance, thus, many clients prefer them.

A blend of cotton and polyester has the advantages of maximum durability while also providing complete comfort to the wearer. Cotton polyester fabrics are of 2 categories:

1. Chief Value Cotton (CVC) - This warp contains full polyester in 80 or 150 Deniers, hile WEFT is 100% cotton in the 40’s or 50’s. The resulting blend is kept at 50/50.

2. We also use intimately blended polyester cotton yarn in counts of 100/2 and 80/2. The advantage of this fabric is the increased comfort and simple maintenance.

Uses of Cotton Polyester blended suiting fabrics : Cotton polyester blended suiting fabric is used in the clothing industry to make clothing that can withstand continuous washing and wearing without the need for ironing, this is why it has to be a strong and versatile fabric. Many weaving houses prefer this variant of blended suiting fabric as it is easier to forge and sew into the specified garment.

Cotton Viscose Blended Suiting Fabrics

Ranjan Fabric is a Manufacturer and Exporter of exclusive Cotton Viscose Blended suiting material.

Cotton Viscose blended suiting fabrics have a silky smooth texture and a shiny appearance which is why it is in such high demand throughout the world, this is especially true for countries with tropical temperatures. For uttermost comfort and mobility, the most suitable fabric is the Cotton Viscose blended fabric.

The Viscose retains moisture twice the amount of Cotton and this makes the blended fabric highly absorbent, it retains the dye much more and this is more suitable for making products that require brighter colors but at an efficient cost.

Cotton Polyester Viscose Blended Suiting Fabrics

Ranjan Fabric manufactures premium Cotton Polyester Viscose blended suiting fabrics that cater to the advanced needs of customers.

This exciting modern fabric is created through a blend of the finest quality Polyester, Cotton, and Viscose. These fabrics are produced with the help of advanced weaving and processing techniques which make it a favorite fabric for designer and luxury suits as well as casual wear.

Our range comes in dyed material, a blend of Polyester with Viscose and Cotton yarns. The blend we make is a mixture of natural and manmade fibers to give the ideal combination that provides the comfort of cotton, the luster of viscose, and the effortless maintenance of polyester.