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Polyester Suiting Fabrics

Polyester Fabrics

Ranjan Fabric is a manufacturer and exporter of the best quality of Polyester suiting fabric in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India. We manufacture a wide collection of polyester suiting fabric made using premium polyester yarn.

We have the widest range of Polyester suiting fabric made using premium polyester yarn. We supply our fabrics in small or bulk quantities as per the requirements and demands of our customers. We are manufacturing using advanced weaving machinery and this is why our client base has increased internationally and in India.

Polyester Suiting Fabrics Suitable For
  • Men’s suits
  • Ladies suits
Packaging Material for Polyester Suiting Fabrics
  • Plastic rolls
Specialty in Polyester Suiting Fabrics
  • High Color Retention
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Elegant Patterns
  • Variety of Finely Made Weaves
  • Durable
Range Offered of Polyester Suiting Fabrics
  • Plain Weave Polyester Suiting Fabric
  • Drill Weave Polyester Suiting Fabric
  • Twill Weave Polyester Suiting Fabric
  • Satin weave polyester suiting fabric

Cotton Polyester Blended Suiting Fabrics

When it comes to the production of the finest quality Cotton Polyester blending suiting in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India, there is only one name that fits the brief, Ranjan Fabrics.

Our fabric has the perfect ratio of Cotton to Polyester to make an equally distributed fabric that caters to all needs. Our polyester cotton blended fabrics are widely used in the manufacturing of different types of clothing. The polyester cotton blended fabrics we make offer maximum comfort and this is why they are in such high demand.

A blend of cotton and polyester gives high durability, comfort, and is still stylish enough for any event. There are 2 categories of Cotton polyester blended fabrics:

1. Chief Value Cotton (CVC) - It contains full polyester in 80 or 150 Deniers and WEFT is 100% cotton in the 40’s or 50’s. An equal resultant blend of 50/50 is achieved.

2. We also use alternative blended polyester cotton yarn in counts of 100/2 and 80/2. The advantages of this fabric are that they are made from spun yarn and making it more comfortable and requiring less maintenance.

Uses of Cotton Polyester blended suiting fabrics : Cotton polyester blended suiting fabric is mostly used in the garment industry to make attractive clothing that people want to be able to wash and wear without having to iron, and it should be tougher than 100% cotton blend to withstand more washing. Sewing houses from around the world prefer Cotton polyester blended fabrics because they are easier to sew than pure cotton, it wrinkles and shrinks less.

Polyester Viscose Blended Suiting Fabric

Years of experience puts Ranjan fabrics ahead of the competition for Polyester Viscose blended suiting fabrics, we operate out of our premises in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India.

Our superior fabrics offer an appealing look that apart from being stylish are also known for their high reliability and durability in any situation. Our quality and wide range of fabric design options have helped us build a reputation for ourselves followed by a clientele who appreciates us. Each raw material in the manufacturing process assists in giving each product an excellent finish.

Our polyester viscose blended fabric comes in various colors and finishes, thus, making more options to suit your preferences. These fabrics are used in making suiting for men and women and are accessible at lowest market prices.

Why Our Polyester Viscose Blended Suiting Fabric?
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Shrink Proof
  • Color retaining
Used for Making
  • Blazers
  • Trousers
  • Formal Suits
  • Uniforms

Cotton Polyester Viscose Blended Suiting Fabrics

Ranjan Fabrichas years of experience in manufacturing and exporting the best quality of Cotton Polyester Viscose blended suiting fabrics in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India.

This exciting modern fabric is created through a blend of the finest quality polyester cotton and viscose. These fabrics are produced with the help of advanced weaving and processing which makes it the international designers choice for luxury suits and casual wear.

We are engaged in offering a quality range of blended suiting fabric that comes in assorted colors and sizes. Appreciated for soft texture and excellent finish, this range can be stitched into finished clothes. Our fabrics are also used in garment and fabric industries to make other products. These fabrics are not only stylish but also provide maximum comfort to customers

Our range comes in piece dyed material containing a blend of Polyester with viscose and cotton yarns. The mixing of all natural and man-made fibers creates a suitable fabric that fits all the requirements of the user. It provides comfort of cotton, luster of viscose, and durability and easy maintenance of polyester.