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About Us

Management Team

Our founders, Dr. P.M Beswal (Ph. Ed .M.B.A) & Mr. Pawan Kumar Agarwal are leaders that head a group of experienced and qualified people to implement the company's visions. A long association with the textile industry for 50 years eventually led them to install the first weaving machine at Ranjan fabric private limited in May 1985.

Mr.Pushpendra Beswal (Engg. / MBA) is a highly qualified leader and has textile industry expertise amounting to 19 years. This vast experience in weaving and processing of textiles is why he is responsible for all technical and manufacturing aspects of the entire group.

Mr. Saurabh Agarwal (MBA) s a highly experienced professional who has been affiliated to the textile industry for 14 years. His specialized skills are used to oversee all processes involved in the export market of the company.

Group Of Companies

  • Ranjan Fabrics Private Limited
  • Ranjan Suitings Private Limited
  • Bhilwara Polyesters Private Limited
  • Suraj Synthetics Private Limited

Ranjan Fabrics

Ranjan Fabrics Pvt. Ltd., has established itself as a prestigious Manufacturer and Exporter of an exclusive Suiting Fabric range, which includes Cotton Suiting Fabric, Polyester Suiting Fabric, Viscose Suiting Fabric, and Blended Fabrics for Suiting. Following International Standards, our manufacturing processes are effective in making custom Suiting Fabrics. Our products have carved a niche for themselves not only for their superior quality but also for their exquisite designs and premium craftsmanship.

The foundation of our company was laid down in 1985, and our headquarters is situated in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India. We are successfully carrying out our venture under the guidance and knowledge of our head Dr. P.M. Beswal, the honorable Chairman of the Ranjan group. He holds more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the textile industry and this is an advantage to him as well as the company.

Celebrating 30 Years

Having an expansive knowledge and experience of market trends, we are able to successfully produce Suiting Fabrics that are made for the current clothing requirements. Our modernized manufacturing unit is equipped with advanced machinery to assure our Suiting fabrics stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, our ethical business practices have enabled us to establish a huge client base in the country. Our main priority as a company is to satisfy our customers in every aspect. We continuously strive to reinvent ourselves by enhancing product quality and creating new designs.

Ranjan fabrics have recently completed a massive expansion of all the facilities and this expansion has enabled the plant to increase manufacturing capacity to 15 million meters of fabric per annum in its weaving department. New projects are also being considered for capacity expansion to enhance productivity in the long run. The unit is a one of a kind that cannot be seen elsewhere in our region, each productive sub division is equipped with modern equipment. The whole unit is based on the currently latest technology which enables us to achieve products of International Standards. Constant maintenance and adjustments to our processes and equipment helps to keep abreast with the rest of the world. Strict following of our company's philosophy, quality standards, competitive pricing, time frames is what keeps us working as a complete and functional unit.

Ranjan fabrics has teams of professionals who are equipped to handle all transformations related to the suiting fabric manufacturing process. Each team works to the best of their ability to create innovative ideas that assist in the main goal of developing exclusive suiting fabrics. A diverse workforce is employed by the company consisting of Quality controllers, Craftsmen, Skilled and Semi-skilled personnel, Marketing agents, Administrators, and all work collectively to render our success inevitable.


Currently we are exporting

  • Srilanka
  • Hong Kong
  • Egypt
  • Yemen
  • UAE
  • Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Afghanistan
  • Oman
  • USA
  • Mauritius
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Togo
  • And many more..

Gain Confidence With Our Suiting Fabrics!

Our suiting fabrics are available in classical and contemporary styles in various colors and designs to dress you for formal and casual occasions and make you the most fashionable person in the room. We produce over 1000 designs of suiting fabrics. Each design of suiting fabric is cater-made to the unique taste of fashion-conscious customers.

The range of fabrics consists of blends of Polyester with Viscose, and Cotton. Some designs available are Plain stripes, Checks, Structured weaves, and Micro designs. Apart from looking handsome, you will feel comfortable as our fabrics are authentic and offer a variety from which you will find the perfect fit.

Being an established and reputable Suiting Fabric manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India, Ranjan Suiting Fabrics is trusted on the market due to the exemplary quality and durability observed in all our products. Several varieties of suiting fabric designs have been developed for export to satisfy customers of all types.

The varied collections we create are equally popular among men of different style preferences. With technological assistance, Ranjan manufactures all types of Suiting Fabrics, with different blends, counts, weaves, widths according to the requirement of the customer.